Do you know there are 18 million-odd Deaf people across India?

Author : Rohit Kashyap
Nov 30th

Do you know there are 18 million-odd Deaf people across India?That is a really big number. Due to this deafness, 18 million people are unable to contribute to the growth of our country easily. Two deaf ladies came together to solve this problem and they started the Digital Arts Academy for the Deaf is an ed-tech product company. The companies focus is on delivering accessible technical education to the 18 million-odd Deaf people across India, many of whom are under the age of 30. The Deaf community experience a lot of barriers to living a full and productive life.

Only a few of us jump through these hoops and be in the position where we can also contribute back to the society ideally this shouldnt be the case. Tutorials focusing on technologies and other public sector information such as banking, travel, etc are difficult for deaf people to access. Being deaf we know how to tackle this and we have the perfect solution. The deaf community can access us for these.

The best thing is they recently pitched this idea in a submit using Sign Language.