From A classroom teacher to Newest Billionaire Of India.

Author : Rohit Kashyap
Nov 30th

After Graduating, Byju Raveendran secured a job as a ‘Service Engineer’ at a multinational shipping firm in Foreign. Then he came back to Bengaluru in his Holidays, He was great at mathematics so his Friend Asked him to help to crack CAT. He helped his friend to crack CAT and not only this he himself cracked CAT with 100 Percentile. After that, he returned to his job again then after 2 years he came back to Bengaluru and helped more friends to crack CAT. Reviews were good so he decided to quit his high paying job to pursue his passion for teaching. His Parents were also teacher, teaching was in his blood. In a few years, he helped more student to crack CAT. Then Finally He launched BJYU’S the Learning App to help the student to crack the entrance exams like CAT, JEE, NEET Etc. His App becomes part of the Digital Education Revolution. Now, with the right business model and strategy, he becomes the newest billionaire of India.

  • So, Why Byju Raveendran become So successful? what his key to success?

  • First, he found his Passion that is Teaching.

  • He made the sacrifice by Resigning from his high Paying Job to pursue his passion.

  • He tried to innovate the education sector by digitalization.

  • He made it accessible for a large community.

  • He made the right strategy that suited the business that made him a successful entrepreneur.