Author : Maytree School Team
Dec 3rd

These days the education system is radically shifting from offline or in-campus learning to online learning. This change is due to many reasons.
Firstly, the offline based education system is the only system that hasn’t had much development in the past few decades. The technology, the standard of living and literally everything has changed according to people’s needs. But offline based education hasn’t changed much.
The same lecture halls with a growing number of students with same campus training techniques and the large gap between the curriculum taught at the campus and the curriculum needed for the outside jobs is the main reason for the decline in the offline education system. The Industry is rapidly changing but the offline based curriculum couldn’t cope with the industry fast change. The graduates who come from universities lag in skills that are needed by the industry.
Hence the people are shifting their approach from offline to online. The online learning has some benefits over offline. The major one the schedule, the schedule of online learning is flexible and students can learn at any time they want. This facility isn’t present in offline learning. Second, online learning can be learned at any place provided if the device has an internet connection. This feature isn’t present in offline learning, where you must go to the campus to learn something.

This is clearly seen in the graph below

As you can see the drop in offline learning (above) to growth in Online Learning(below)

So, traditional based learning is rapidly declining and online-based is increasing. We can decrease the above trend by reducing the gap between curriculum taught at college to curriculum needed by industry.

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