Haldiram success story-a 6th pass made a Rs. 5000-crore company from Rs. 100

Author : The Maytree School Team
Dec 27th

Today we will come across a successful story of a person ,who started his journey by making ‘bhujia’ with an investment of 100 rupees and how he built his empire (business) of worth 5000 crores.
This article is written purely based on a book “BHUJIA BARONS” by author PAVITRA KUMAR.
This is a story of the journey of HALDIRAM’S from being a small business to an international company and how it created a vibe across the nation?
The HALDIRAM’S story takes us to year 1937,when Gangabhushan Agarwal, who is born in a marwadi family of Bikaneir, Rajasthan.

As all of us Gangabhushan also had pet name in his childhood. The family members used to call him as ‘haldiram’ which eventually became a brand name.
In those days, there Is a custom of child marriage in marwadi family ,due to customs gangabhushan married to champadevi at his younger age .
His father had a shop in bhujia market of bikaneir where he used to sell bhujia and other products and maintain his family expenses and that was the only source of income for his family.
His father used to sell motu bhujia .The foundation of haldiram’s empire is began when gangabhushan made 2 small changes in the motu bhujia such as
1.He increased moth quantity in his bhujia because he observed that the motu bhujia which is currently in market are just filling the customers stomach. He just don’t wanted to settle for that ,he wanted his bhujia to be tasty so that customer should get desire to buy it. Upon adding moth it increased the taste of bujia.
2.Another change is that he made bhujia thin and crispy because he wanted to make it as a light snacks .
These two changes that has made by gangabhushan gained its popularity so quickly and more people started to buy the bhujia from his fathers shop as they are now much tastier than before.Now their business started growing.
In a joint family there will be small disputes most of the times,which is common in nature.But who knows? That small dispute arised between champadevi and family members will make gangabhushan to come out from his joint family with his wife,three childrens,daughter in law and a grand child and will make his hands empty.
After coming out from his joint family, he is not having any money, assets. The only thing he has in his hand is a suitcase that too filled with clothes. Now gangabhushan has to feed his family ,but he has no money? Gangabhushan always belived in a proverb that literally means “ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS IN WELL”. He didn’t lose his courage and his belief .He started to search for a job to feed his family.While he was searching for a job in the streets of bikaneir .He met his childhood friend whom he helped at his initial days.When gangabhushan told his friend about his situation ,his friend wanted to help him so he gave him 100/- rupees which is a considerable amount at that time.
This amount is basic investment of HALDIRAM’S empire.
Gangabhushan rented a house from that money and he and his wife started thinking about how to spend the remaining money such that it becomes a constant source of income for their family. Champadevi is good in making moong dal,they started preparing moongdal at home and sold them at streets and door steps as they don’t have enough money to buy their own shop.
Now moongdal prepared from champadevi is also started getting famous and from that they earned enough money to start their own shop.
He desperately wanted to sell his first love that is bhujia in his own shop and he started selling them.
Gangabhushan started his own bhujia shop in bikaneir . As the bhujia was tastier ,it eventually became famous and that shop became the constant source of his family income. Now Gangabhushan is happy with what he had ,he did not have interest in expanding his business.
Once Gangabhushan went to Calcutta to attend his relative marriage . He took and went bhujiya for the guests at marriage. After tasting bhujia they adviced him to start his bhujia business in Calcutta too.After several round of discussion with his children, finally haldiram agreed to expand.
Later his sons expanded his business in Calcutta,bikaneir,Nagpur,delhi with different brand names.It is strange that there is a legal battle between his sons about the use of name haldiram in their business.
Despite of all odd it has expanded tremendously even internationally.Now haldiram became an Indian brand which is expanding in foreign nations too.
Haldiram is not only restricted them to bhujia they started selling other Indian snacks ,sweets,and other ready foods.They even started their quicks service restaurant which also got good response, Now Haldiram is earning more revenue than any foreign fast food brand in India making it too swadeshi brand.